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Masters in Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Systems

BRAM-COR pharmaceutical water treatment systems work all over the world! In BRAM-COR every water processing system is really customized and oriented to a specific pharmaceutical plant, line and product. Our project drivers are aimed at satisfying all pharmaceutical regulatory and QA requirements, aligning the PW/WFI equipment to the international Pharmacopoeias and capitalizing upon a careful, customer-oriented project management. To directly request information and quotations related to Bram-Cor WFI equipment, please note that we can not provide costs or other without the necessary URS from the customer (credentials and location, .. quality of water, …type of product desired, etc.)
Bram-Cor Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Systems - CROS Detail

Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Systems – CROS Vessels in construction in the main factory of Parma, Italy.


First of all, requests for specific machinery quotations (as our CROS, Reverse Osmosis System) should be addressed to: info@bram-cor.com, while requests for turnkey plants/projects should be addressed to: international@bram-cor.com
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Life in the factory as the construction of the equipment is also evidenced by our videos on the Youtube channel:  BramCor Factory Tales